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 WiseWalk: You Learned To Walk, Now Walk To Learn 

Dave Jackman is the founder of Kenpo Karate in NL (1970) and he has taught WiseWalk for The American Women's Self-Defense Association, Newfoundland Power, Vector Aerospace, Canada Employment, MUN and to members of the general public.

Are You Wise Walking?



For Walkers


We have been taught and continue to practice acts of self-protection that have been shown to us since we were children.  These self-protection skills include, but are not limited to, safety around the stove, caution with power tools, proper use of electricity and how to watch out for traffic.


There is one area of self-protection, though, that too many times is left to trust instead of skill and awareness.  This involves the interaction of two people against each other - which we call the self-defense aspect of self-protection.


Society is changing and our attitudes towards self-defense need to be relevant.  If we want to be able to walk with confidence and have a sense of security, then we need some basic self-defense skills that are simple to learn, easy to retain and of course effective.


Training in the Martial Arts is not for everyone. WiseWalk is a natural, simple, common sense method of self-defense. It integrates your walking stride (the 10,000 steps you take each day) and your everyday actions. You perform acts of self-protection in an unconscious and uninhibited manner every walking minute of the day.

WiseWalk teaches you how to make use of those movements and how to apply them to self-defense.  Without the need of special equipment or competitive athleticism, WiseWalk helps to build confidence and a stronger sense of security as it guides you through the discovery of self-defense strategies that you didn't even realize you had.


When we put emotional and mental content into our physical activities, we burn more calories.  Thus when you WiseWalk, you will get in great shape, learn self-defense, have fun with your family, friends and co-workers and learn proper breathing techniques for stress smashing purposes.


For employers, offering a Self-Defense Program in the workplace makes a strong statement about the commitment to your employees' safety and well being.  When primary needs such as personal security are met, secondary problems fall into place.  Thus employees are better able to handle the everyday pressures of the workplace more productively.


In addition, as a method of team building, teaching a self-defense course in the workplace allows for workers to share their mutual concerns, draw strength from others and bond in the common pursuit of increased self-confidence.

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