(Team) Rock Athletics

Many of you know that Sensei Cullam created a card game called Ancient Arts, which is based on Kenpo. We're excited to announce that we will be running a league this year, where people can play weekly, with all games tracked, stats kept on all players, and a trophy awarded at the end of year banquet. 

The sessions will take place after Saturday classes, from 2:30 until 4:00, (1st session on Saturday, October 11th).

The first few sessions will be scrimmages, focused on teaching the game. Starting in November, all league games will be tracked, with a leader board posted in the dojo. 

Membership in the league for the year costs $10 per student, helping to support our Montreal team. All students are welcome to come to the first few sessions when the game is taught; membership is only required for official league games. 

Full rules of the game, details on the league, and game FAQ can be found on the game's website: 


Click Here to Enter Website

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